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Listen To Married Cop Maegan Hall Detail Cheating on Her Husband With 7 Fellow Officers

In an audio published by the Daily Mail, sacked cop Maegan Hall is heard detailing her sexual encounters with seven of her fellow officers. Maegan was married and yet saw nothing morally wrong with having sex romps with seven officers.

Apparently, she was in an open marriage with her husband and took advantage of that to engage in sexual encounters with her fellow officers.

Cop-gone-wild Maegan Hall can be heard confessing to sordid romps with police pals in toe-curling audio tapes published today by

The awkward exchanges between married Hall, her police chief and the head of HR for the City of La Vergne in rural Tennessee touch upon everything from games of ‘strip Uno’ to foot fetish photos and wife-swapping sessions.

Sheepish Hall, 26, mumbles, stutters, lies – then finally comes clean – over the course of three interviews spanning two hours, reflecting: ‘I got stupid, I got desperate, I guess, and guys are guys and they’ll stick their di** in anything.’

Her confession leaves La Vergne’s shell-shocked police chief Burrell ‘Chip’ Davis struggling for words – before he dryly advises the young siren: ‘What do they say? Don’t dip your pen in the company ink.’

Hall was quizzed three times after a whistleblower came forward in December to report she was having ‘intimate relationships’ with male colleagues at boozy parties, hotels and even on police property.

In her first interview, she admitted only to bedding K-9 officer Larry Holladay, who was suspended without pay but kept his job because he was honest with investigators.

‘We had intercourse… there were a few times but it was a long time ago,’ she nervously told Andrew Patton, the police department’s head of human resources.

She dismissed ‘rumors’ of a fling with Sgt. Lewis Powell but Patton told her: ‘I have confirmation… that you talked about the act, you talked about his size, what it looked like.’

When she was asked if she had ever had a ‘three way’ with Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife Amy, Hall replied ‘Oh, I’m sorry. A what?’ and began to cry.

‘It’s okay, there’s some Kleenex right behind that candy bowl there,’ Patton said, before resuming his questions.

During a second and third interview, Hall – already on a final warning for crashing her patrol car three times – admitted she had a months-long affair with Powell and even performed a sex act while on duty.

‘I just gave him a blowjob in the substation,’ she admitted. ‘Me and my husband were kind of on the verge of a divorce and I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand.’

Married Powell denied the tryst but came clean when it was discovered that he and heavily-tattooed Hall met up in December to compare notes in an effort to thwart the investigation.

She told Patton that Powell had threatened to kill himself when she tried to break things off, texting her to say: ‘You betrayed me, I thought you cared about me, no one’s here but me, you really hurt me.’

Hall further confessed to getting drunk at a ‘girls gone wild’ hot tub party where she sang karaoke and fell down a flight of stairs before having sex with Magliocco in a bathroom of a colleague’s boat.

‘My bathing suit was a little loose and it fell off,’ she added, coyly.

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