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Watch Jake Paul Tell HBO’s Game Theory Bomani Jones He Doesn’t Know Who He Is

In a clip posted on Twitter, Jake Paul was heard going off on Bomani Jones saying;

“I don’t know who the f–k you are”!

Jake also asked what would happen if he loses against Tommy Fury on February 26. VladTV got more;

Jake Paul is ramping up for his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury on February 26 and recently chatted with sportswriter Bomani Jones for his HBO program Game Theory.

A teaser of the interview has circulated social media showing a tense exchange between Paul and Jones. It appears the interview went off the rails when Jones posed the question to Paul about his committment to boxing if he ends up losing against Fury.

Paul apparently wasn’t accepting of the question and told Jones that he doesn’t go into training thinking about losing. He also told Jones “I don’t know who the f*** you are,” in response to the line of questioning. Jones shot back that he doesn’t know anything about Paul aside from the hatred he’s managed to garner.

Since Jake seems to not be aware of who Bomani is here is a list of his accomplishments.

Entrepreneur, Host, Journalist and Emmy® Award Winning Executive Producer. Bomani Jones is one of the sharpest and most influential voices in sports media, with a diverse collection of work across all popular media. A versatile sportscaster for over 15 years, Jones has introduced a fresh perspective to sports with his sharp-witted style. He has written on sports, music, culture and politics for a variety of online and print publications. In late night, Bomani breaks down timely topics in the world of sports as executive producer and host of HBO’s Game Theory with Bomani Jones. And continues to entertain sports lovers with exceptional television, podcast and radio programming on the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN.

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