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Hot Speed Skater Jutta Leerdam Show Off Her Booty In A Tiny Black Swimwear In Underwater Training

Speed Skater Jutta Leerdam has released a video of herself showing off her booty in a tiny black swimwear in underwater training. She released the video on her 4.1 million Instagram page with the caption;

I think the ice just melted. I looooved challenging myself and improving my breathwork. It almost felt like I could breathe under water. Thank you @tavicastro & @yanitayancheva for challenging me and introducing me to the under water life.

TPS got more;

Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam is one of the biggest names in speed skating right now and her latest training video might go some way into explaining why she’s one of the best in the world.

Jutta is still 24 years old but has already won multiple gold medals and is one of the discipline’s most decorated athletes. She won four gold medals last year, including one at the World Cup of Speed Skating in Calgary, Canada.

Apart from being one of the most skilled skaters around, Jutta is immensely popular on social media and boasts 4.1 million followers on Instagram, a million of which weren’t around before the month of December.

She took to the platform this week to post a video of herself underwater as she participated in an extreme breathing exercise. The water was not shallow and, based on her description, it was not warm either.

“You are incredible athlete and super beautiful outside and inside!” a follower wrote in the comments. “Keep going”

Another wrote, “I think she was practicing her skating but she was so hot the ice melted.”

“Amazing,” another user chimed in.

Jutta is currently on holiday in Tulum, Mexico, which is where the video was taken.

Where skating is concerned, the Dutch athlete is 4th in the World Cup standings for the women’s 2022/23 ISU 500m season. She finished second in the 1000m rankings this season.

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