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Kali Uchis Breaks The Internet With UnderBoobs And Booty Thirst Trap Photos

Kali Uchis has shut down the internet with thirst trap photos rocking a Brazilian jersey with her underboob and booty on display with the caption;

brasil meu coração está cheio por sua causa!!

Translated in English as;

Brasil my heart is full because of you

Kali Uchis recently got a devotional with “Red Moon Venus” via WN;

I am rarely one to listen to albums soon after they come, nor do I generally listen to them in their entirety or in order, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone for Kali Uchis’s new album, “Red Moon in Venus,” which came out March 3, 2023. Greeted by a 25-second-long first track filled with clear tones, quiet birdsong and Uchis proclaiming love to the listener, I knew I was in for an experience.

The storyline on that initial track shows that this album is one of love, something both the Moon and Venus are often symbolic of. Uchis doesn’t shy away from the double-sided nature of love, however — red Moons are symbols of chaos and change, which this album balances alongside songs of stability. From the end to the beginning of love, Uchi has a song for you. The album is defined as R&B, but hints of dreampop are interspersed throughout, adding to the psychedelic soul within the tracks. This album includes 15 tracks, three of which featuring another artist (Omar Apollo on track three, Don Toliver on track seven, and Summer Walker on track 13). This is a longer album, but Uchis utilizes every second of it masterfully to the point that I still want more.

After an ethereal introduction, Uchis starts with “I Wish you Roses,” an anthem for amicable breakups — romantic, platonic or otherwise. This second track is what I lovingly think of as an ode to lesbian breakups. Tender, yet boundary setting, she starts off by making sure the listener knows where she stands through cautionary words of bee stings and almost a promise that “you” are going to want her back, but it will have been too late. “Worth the Wait,” the first song with a featured artist, slows it down with sensual lyrics. She continues to relax the energy with “Love Between…,” which features a slow 70s-style groove and a chorus interpolated from “Love…Can Be So Wonderful” by The Temprees. Uchis makes this cosmic beat a ballad for falling in love, and I can’t help but think of everyone in my life, romantic or otherwise, that “make[s] my soul smile.”

Uchis gets more serious with “All Mine,” where she professes that she is the only one for her lover and vice versa. This song gets a little toxic, placing lovers as people who should only focus on each other with lines such as “I hate your phone, throw it away / Wish it had never even been invented.” But you know what? Uchis can be a little toxic, as a treat. This is also the first song with a bit of Spanish in it, which I was excited to see, even if I wish there was a bit more throughout the track and the album as a whole.

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