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Watch Houston Weatherman Adam Krueger Go Viral After Including Rap Lyrics From Snoop Dogg In His Forecasts

Houston weatherman Adam Krueger has gone viral on the internet and is now famous after slipping in rap lyrics from Snoop Dogg in his forecasts. And according to the Daily Mail;

A Houston weatherman has gone viral for slipping Snoop Dogg lyrics into a recent weather report, only for the rapper himself to repost clips of the broadcast and praise it.

Adam Krueger, a weatherman for CW39 Houston, is known for slyly adding lyrics to his live reports.

He sometimes accepts requests from his viewers, and recently agreed to work some Snoop Dogg lyrics into a broadcast.

During a recent broadcast, Krueger agreed to work lyrics from the Snoop Dogg song Who Am I (What’s My Name) into his broadcast and seamlessly dropped lines like ‘It’s like that as a matter of fact rat tat tat tat’ into descriptions of weather fronts and rain forecasts.

Snoop Dogg approved of the Krueger report, reposting it on his Instagram and writing ‘Weather man on one’ along with a series of emojis.

One of Krueger’s fans requested he sneak Snoop Dogg into a broadcast, writing ‘Did you do Snoop Dogg already if not, can you do it please.

The weatherman said he had done Snoop previously, but that he was willing to give it another go.

‘I have done him before. ‘Gin and Juice’ in the past,’ he said in a video introducing his broadcast. Today though, I’m doing Who Am I (What’s My Name), Yeah, challenge accepted.’

Krueger kicked off the report saying ‘From the depths of the sea back to the block’ before, advising viewers they could keep up to date with the weather if they ‘follow me, follow me, follow me’ while showing his social media handles.

Next, Krueger talked about clouds clearing, saying ‘we’ll step through the fog, and we’ll creep through the smog, and we’ll be able to see a little sun popping out this afternoon.’

Then, while talking about forecasts from ‘the most accurate meteorologist,’ he said ‘Guess what? He is I and I am him.’

He finished things off by saying ‘We’re gonna be warm and humid, with highs in the 80s, guess what, it’s like that, rat tat tat tat.’

Snoop Dogg was not the only one impressed with Krueger’s performance, many viewers flocked to the post to express their praise for the weatherman’s talents.

Other musicians he has done include George Strait, Eminem, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Beyonce.

Movies he’s done include Wayne’s World, Forest Gump, Dumb and Dumber, and he’s even done things like drop the names of US presidents in, along with elements from the periodic table.

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