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The Cavinder Twins Drops Thirst Trap Photos and Announce They Are Signing With WWE

The agent of TikTok twins Hanna and Haley Cavinder has revealed when they are set to start WWE training and according to him, it’s happening this Spring via the Daily Mail;

A week after the Cavinder twins Haley and Hanna announced they would forgo their fifth and final season of college basketball eligibility, their agent has revealed that training for a new career in WWE will begin in the coming weeks.

The Miami pair, who shot to fame amid the Hurricanes’ Elite Eight run at March Madness, are already worth close to $2m in various NIL endorsement deals.

And now, according to their agent Jeff Hoffman, the twins will begin training at the WWE performance center in Orlando, Florida this spring.

‘The potential – what could be – I think they’d be excited if that type of opportunity presented itself for them to be main features in the WWE,’ Hoffman added. ‘WWE fans provide such positive comments, feedback, and energy to the twins.

‘The WWE, they have a very specific training process They don’t just fit people into storylines and say, “Here you go.”

‘The twins are D-I athletes, they’re extremely fit, healthy, exercise constantly, but there’s also a process through the training to make sure you understand not only movements but safety.’

‘We love the WWE,’ Haley said last week. ‘Their fanbase, their sport, the fitness side of it.

‘That fits to Hanna and I’s brain and aligns great with us. So yeah, we’re very excited about the future with them.’

I see what is happening here. The WWE wants them to be the next Bella twins but with a little more athletic ability to compete in the new style of the women’s division.

It makes sense to me if we are being honest. It could work if they really sink their teeth into the training and not half ass it. It is hard being a professional wrestler.

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