Goons Rob Shannon Sharpe’s House and Steal Over $1 Million in Jewels, Man Bags and Watches – BlackSportsOnline
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Goons Rob Shannon Sharpe’s House and Steal Over $1 Million in Jewels, Man Bags and Watches

Based on the information provided, it seems that this was an inside job. There were no indications of forced entry, and the perpetrators seemed to have known exactly where to find the valuable items. Furthermore, Sharpe was away for only a short period of time, suggesting that the culprits had planned their actions carefully. It appears that Uncle Shannon was targeted and set up.

Shannon Sharpe’s home in L.A. was burglarized last week … and cops say the thieves made off with around $1 million in goods from the ex-NFL star’s residence.

Law enforcement tells TMZ Sports … the break-in happened back on May 19 between 7 PM and 9:30 PM — after Sharpe had left his place for a few hours in the early evening.

We’re told when Sharpe returned home after dinner with friends and noticed something was not right … so he called the police.

Shannon told cops he was missing expensive watches, jewelry and some designer bags.

According to law enforcement, there were no obvious signs of forced entry — and an investigation into the matter remains ongoing.

No arrests have yet been made … but make no mistake, Shannon wants the perpetrator held accountable. So much so, Sharpe has put up a $50k reward for info leading to an arrest and conviction.

Prime suspects are likely Ja Morant and Kwame Brown. Settle down I am just kidding.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s not uncommon for celebrities in LA to fall victim to robbery. Especially if their high-profile status and possessions become public knowledge, they can be targeted quite frequently.

A possible solution for these celebrities is to invest in a top-quality safe, similar to those found in banks. By storing their most valuable jewelry and cash in the safe before leaving, they can minimize the risk of theft. Most robbers are not willing to go through the trouble of an elaborate heist like in Ocean’s Eleven and will instead grab whatever they can quickly get their hands on.

It’s a shame that Sharpe was robbed, and while there is hope for the safe return of his possessions, the chances seem slim.