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Newly Drafted Patriot Keion White On Why He Looked Pissed Off When He Heard His Name Called

Georgia Tech DE Keion White was one of the lucky players to be invited to the NFL Draft green room on draft night, but he wasn’t lucky enough to hear his name called and shake the commissioner’s hand.

He didn’t have to wait long on day 2 but eventually heard his name called and elected to go back home and be with his family. White was selected with the 46th overall pick to the New England Patriots, and he did not look happy at all.

Most players have an excited or relieved reaction to getting drafted. Especially the ones who had to wait longer than expected. Not White, though.

The former Yellowjacket looked very upset that he was drafted to the Patriots, and everyone noticed.

While talking to CBS, White explained his reaction, saying.

“I don’t know if y’all seen on TV, but I’m a pretty chill person,” White said per CBS. “So I’m not very like explosive in excitement in any form. So I’ve just kind of been taking it in and I haven’t even talked to my family, to be honest. I’ve just kind of taken it all in and handled it myself for sure.”

“I didn’t have any contact with the Patriots. So it was a surprise to me,” White said. “I feel like our personalities mix well, though. So I feel like it’s a really good fit.”

“I’m a very big business person. So I’m not too big on the glitz and glamour of football,” White said. “I want to work. I want to win. And I feel like that’s what the Patriots offer. And I feel like that’s where we meet in the middle there.”

So Patriots fans don’t have to worry if he doesn’t want to be there or not, he just is a pretty chill person.

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