Who Needs to Win The Warriors-Lakers Series More For Their Legacy? Steph Curry or LeBron James? – BlackSportsOnline
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Who Needs to Win The Warriors-Lakers Series More For Their Legacy? Steph Curry or LeBron James?

It’s an exciting time for NBA fans as the Warriors secured their spot in the Conference Semifinals on Sunday, making way for a thrilling match between Steph Curry’s team and LeBron James’ Lakers. These two incredibly popular players will face off for the 5th time in a series and 6th time in the postseason (including their Play In tournament encounter). Interestingly, Steph has had the upper hand in these games, winning 15 out of 23 postseason matches against LeBron. However, both players are determined to come out on top in this upcoming series, despite past results not playing a significant role in the present. The question remains: who will come out on top?

Better Record Goes To The Warriors But Does It?

The regular season ended with the Warriors holding a 44-38 record, which is just one game better than the Lakers’ 43-39 record. However, it’s debatable whether the Warriors are truly better, given the narrow gap. The Lakers had the NBA’s best record after they traded for Russell Westbrook, so it’s worth considering their performance. That said, having home court advantage could be a significant factor in the outcome.

Might be a tie for Overall Offense and Defense

The Lakers’ offense was ranked 19th, while their defense was ranked 11th. Both have improved since making the trade, but only their defense has made a significant jump to the 2nd rank. In contrast, the Warriors had the 12th ranked offense and the 18th ranked defense. The game might come down to which team’s strength will dominate- the Lakers’ defense or the Warriors’ offense.

However, there are other key factors that will determine the outcome of this series. In the playoffs so far, the Lakers have been successful in generating points off of turnovers, second chance points, fast breaks, and in the paint. Although both teams have weaknesses in these areas, the Lakers have been better at capitalizing on them.

Moreover, the pace of the game will also play a crucial role. Both teams play at a fast pace, but the team that can control the tempo is likely to have an advantage. Whether they choose to slow down the game or speed it up to exhaust their opponents, the team that can dictate the pace is likely to win. A faster-paced series might favor the Warriors, while slowing things down could benefit the Lakers.

Prediction: 4-3 Warriors

The upcoming match between Steph and the Warriors will undoubtedly cause a great deal of excitement. The outcome of this series will spark discussions beyond which team advances to the Conference Finals.

Should LeBron fall to Steph once again, it’s possible that some may begin to question his place among the all-time greats. It may seem far-fetched, but that’s the reality.

On the other hand, if Steph loses, his position on the all-time list may come into question. The only times he has been victorious over LeBron have been when the Cavaliers were not at full strength or when Kevin Durant joined the team.

Regardless, this series promises to be an enjoyable one.