Peter King is nuts!

OK, I know that’s not news, but his latest fit of lunacy takes the cake.  The man had the audacity to rank Brett Favre the fifth best quarterback of ALL TIME, and the second best of the modern era.  Ahead of Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, and John Elway.  This ludicrous beyond belief.  It’s so crazy that I had to go break it down extensively just to show the amount of FAIL in King’s rankings.  But before I even try to that, do we really need a scientific analysis to believe that there’s no freaking way I’d pick Favre over Elway?  Of course not!  For those who don’t know, Elway has five super bowl appearances, three where he carried a collection of mediocre offensive players on his back to the big game.  He has two rings, one of which he won against Favre and the Packers.

But wait…there’s more!  Elway never put up a six-int stinker in a playoff game like Favre did in 2002.  Elway didn’t routinely blow games where his team was favored with bad decisions. destroyed the Favre mythology once and for all; I suggest you go there to check it out.  The only thing Favre did better than Elway was talk to the media.  That’s why people like King are constantly showing him love and overrating his accomplishments.  Favre has always worked with Pro Bowl caliber receivers, and still threw up all over himself on a regular basis.  Elway spent half his career with Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, and Ricky Nattiel, and managed to throw the ball well enough to get to the Super Bowl.  His team’s defensive units had hard working overachievers like Karl Mecklenburg, and a few stalwarts like Tom Jackson, Dennis Smith, and Steve Atwater.  Favre played with Reggie White, maybe the best defensive end ever, Sean Jones, Eugene Robinson, and Darren Sharper, to name a few.  He never had to worry about his defense giving up 35 points in a quarter, or 55 in a game.

And let’s compare Favre to Marino, shall we?  OK, Favre has a ring, Marino doesn’t.  And Favre has surpassed Marino’s career records already.  But Marino did his work with a so-so running game (he never had anyone as good as Dorsey Levens or Ahman Green) to work with, and never had a defense the caliber of those Favre had to work with in Green Bay.  Not to mention that Marino had to contend with the best years of Buffalo Bills in his own division, while Favre’s teams rarely had a legitimate challenger in the NFC Central (now the North).  And there’s also the fact that Marino did not have five and six-interception stinkers showing up in game logs on a regular basis.  I’m sorry Marino wins that comparison easy.

Then there’s Troy Aikman.  Aikman has three rings to Favre’s one, and was 3-0 against Favre in playoff games.  He had superior teammates at the height of his career, but he got superior results, too.  And again, Aikman did not puke all over himself in big games like Favre did.  The only thing Favre has on Aikman is stats, and I can argue that Aikman played on a run-first team that gave the ball to Emmitt Smith on the goal line most of the time.  As much as I hate to give love to a Dallas Cowboy, I have to say that AIkman is the better choice.

I won’t go any further for now.  Look out for the big breakdown on all of this from me soon…

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