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Rodney Harrison’s Twitter Real or Fake..You Make The Call..BSO Investigation

Every morning the first sports site I pull up is Mike Florio is the best in the business with the NFL news and since it is NFL season it is a must read for NFL fans.

The story I saw this morning was posted by Greg Rosenthal in regards to Rodney Harrison’s twitter account. Allegedly Harrison is claiming that the twitter account is a fake. Upon first glance I didn’t think much of it, but then certain things didn’t make sense so I decided to let you make the call.

This all started on September 18th when Harrison engaged in a Twitter beef with Jets safety Kerry Rhodes.

You can read the content of the beef here:

This was last Friday and it got national attention from almost every sports site, blog, sports talk radio and major media affiliate.
Harrison works for NBC Sunday Night Crew and being a former member of the Patriots he was heavily involved in the media events proceeding and after the game Jets vs. Patriots game.

I find it extremely hard to believe that no one told Harrison what was going on via twitter if in fact his account was a fake. Seeing that he follows colleagues like Peter King, Adam Schefter and PFT all who reported on the Twitter dispute.

The Patriots end up losing to the Jets and Harrison was on NBC looking like he just lost his puppy.

He continues to tweet about various subjects throughout the week that are being picked up and Retweeted by his colleagues at NBC and others in the mainstream sports media and still there is nothing indicating that it was a fake account.

After a full week of tweets Harrison today decides to say the account is a fake and the person who allegedly owns the account admits to being a fake.

I’ve been on Twitter long enough to know that “fakes” never admit they are “fakes” or they wouldn’t have been “faking” in the first place.

If this was truly a fake account why the week delay and why would Harrison allow the media to criticize him over the Rhodes beef? He could have stopped it immediately. Why didn’t he reach out to Rhodes who he obviously could have contacted to let him know that he was arguing with a “fake”?

Is it possible that someone at NBC or someone in Harrison’s camp realized that the Twitter account was causing more harm than good to Harrisons’ already shaky reputation and decided to come up with this story about it being a fake account to try to wipe the slate clean of his past digressions?

Would that not be similar to when Harrison made the excuse that taking “Human Growth Hormones” wasn’t as bad as taking a “steroid”.

Did you believe him then and do you believe him now?

I’ve learned a long time ago you can’t call someone a liar unless you have proof. I don’t know if Rodney Harrison is lying or not, but what I do know is that there are some peculiar circumstances regarding this situation.

I say just pull the IP record of the person who made the tweets and it will tell you exactly where the tweets from made from. Mystery solved.

But you and I know that isn’t going to happen.

In the immortal of Jay Z:

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.”