Breaking News: Larry Johnson Suspended Immediately By Chiefs

They hit him with the old “T.O.” conduct detrimental to the team. He is not allowed to be no where near the team until November 9th.

No telling what will happen at that time except to say I am glad I picked up Jamal Charles for my Fantasy Football league.

In all seriousness the writing was on the wall for Johnson. I think the “gay slurs” he dropped to the media and on twitter was just the the tip of the iceberg.

I think he calling his coach a “fake Tiger Woods” is what did him in.

I pointed this out in my week 7 NFL review when you are an elite player you can get away with a lot.

You can call out your coach on twitter and it gets swept under the rug. LT can pout like a little baby because he is LT he has built up that cusion but when you are Larry Johnson you don’t get that benefit of the doubt.

Johnson had some many thing against him that he was already on his eight of nine lives.

He has been a violatile figure since he stepped in the league. He has been in trouble with the law and the NFL.

Spitting in females faces, domestic abuse accusations, contract issues, blow up at coaches, overall moodiness and now garbage production.

When that is your resume the last thing you need to be doing is calling at your coach on twitter of all places where you know the media is monitor 24/7.

Then to drop “gay slurs” in the society we live in now? In the immortal words of Jay Z:


Ironically he and Jay Z are friends and right now LJ is a like Memphis Bleek’s career and the more that I think about that is an insult to Bleek.

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