Prosecutors: Michael Irvin Won’t Face Rape Charges

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South Florida prosecutors will not press rape charges against former Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin.  If you recall a couple of days before the Super Bowl a woman claimed that Irvin and some unidentifiable men raped her in July of 2007.

The woman did not contact the police until more than two weeks after the allege incident and at that time no charges were filed.

Irvin’s lawyer claimed the woman then approach him days before the Super Bowl stated if Irvin didn’t pay her one million dollars she would file a civil suit which she did.

The civil suit caused the police to reinvestigate and this was the conclusion they came to:

The incident was reported to Seminole tribal police on July 20, 2007, but the woman later signed a waiver of prosecution, according to tribe officials.

The Broward State Attorney’s office was investigating the claims, but a spokesman said there was no physical evidence because the woman waited more than two weeks to report the incident.

Basically there is no evidence to prove anything criminal happened.  Irvin has filed a counter suit against the woman for defamation and civil extortion.

Once again I always say that you can never say 100% that someone is lying or telling the truth in these situations, but if you are the one making the claims your credibility holds more weight if you go to the police immediately after it happens.

Not two weeks, not ten weeks, not ten years, but immediately.

Also threatening to file a lawsuit and going to the press if a certain amount of money is not paid also doesn’t lend you to being credible.  The woman’s name hasn’t been released and we will be montioring the various lawsuits.

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