Shaq Cutting a Rug in Atlanta, Must Want Some Love on Club Pics


Every week we do a segment on the BSO Twitter called #clubpics.  I find these crazy pics from clubs all over the country and post them for all of my followers.  Hilarity normally ensues.

Shaquille O’Neal has had an interesting week.  Earlier in the week he was on Ustream singing Rick James with no shirt on, then his lawyers were sending letters to VH1 trying to stop his soon-to-be ex-wife Shaunie’s show “Basketball Wives,” and now this.

While the Cavs were in ATL, Shaq decided he wanted to be in club pics this week and got his two step on.

A couple of things: the young lady on the left – her outfit is not up to standards, not to mention she’s sporting a Kevin Durant haircut.

Secondly, where are the ladies?

Why is there a bunch of men surrounding Shaq while he is getting his “House Party” Kid n Play dance on?  Then again, this is ATL where skinny jeans have taken over, so I digress.


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