The Jets Interested In JaMarcus Russell?


The only reason I can see the Jets being interested in Russell is so they can make sure he eats the food before Rex Ryan gets to it.

Maybe he can play Nose Tackle in the 3-4; they need a big body in there just to fall down and plug up the running lanes.

According to though there is some interest.  Here are the details:

ESPN’s Rich Cimini characterizes the Jets’ interest as “monitoring,” and expects the team to opt for free agent Mark Brunell behind Mark Sanchez. Russell is currently in Arizona trying to get in shape. Cimini calls Arizona and Minnesota more likely landing spots for the ex-No. 1 overall pick.

It isn’t that I don’t want JaMarcus to get another shot in the NFL.  I just think it is a waste of time and roster space for a NFL team to invest in a guy who just doesn’t seem that interested in playing football.

Maybe he would be better in a backup role where he can eat hot dogs on the sideline the majority of the time.  If it isn’t for big money I suppose there isn’t too much risk.

When we contacted JaMarcus about this, of course he “shrugged.”


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