Joakim Noah Shops For Bongs Like Regular People

Joakim Noah is a man of the people.  Does he need ‘personal assistants’ to shop for him? Nooooo, when Noah needs a new bong, he goes right out and gets it himself.  Thanks to the people at, we see Noah shopping for a ‘tabacco pipe’ all by himself.

The photo was taken in March, and Joakim was not even playing.  He was recovering from an injury, plantar fasciitis, an ailment that would sideline him for nearly a month.  So while recovering Noah decided to do a little shopping on Chicago’s North Side. It is not known if the next stops he made included the purchase of Dorito’s and Funyuns.

I’m not surprised by the photos.  Noah oozes the ‘bohemian’ vibe.  I can see Joakim with a bong, scattered old pizza boxes and a marathon session of Call of Duty on Xbox 360.

Maybe Noah used his bong as he watched ‘The Decision’ and learned that none of the ‘Golden Triangle’ were coming to the Windy City. He should have shared with Dan Gilbert and could have prevented the infamous letter.

The Bulls are apparently speechless when they learned of the photos, and had ‘no comment’. It will be interesting to see what Daddy Stern has to say about this.

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