Rumor: Chad Ochocinco Dating a ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada?

Twitter junkie Chad Ochocinco has been pretty low key on his account lately.  Maybe that’s because he has someone to keep his attention.  According to, Chad and VH1 ‘Basketball Wives’ reality star Evelyn Lozada have been quite cozy in Miami.

Supposedly Chad started sending DMs via Twitter about a month ago.  The DMs started to become sexually aggressive, which put Evelyn off, but Chad would follow up with expensive and lavish gifts.  So they exchanged numbers via DM and finally hooked up Tuesday in Miami for an intimate dinner.

So ladies and gentleman, please take note … when you’re a star athlete, you can be crude and sexually aggressive as long as you follow up with lavish gifts.  There will always be someone willing to accept your “reggiewayning.”I can’t help but remember when Chad was tweeting about these admittedly awesome shoes and purses.  Maybe we now know why he was buying out the store.  It is beyond me how she isn’t creeped out by how he approached her.  I guess a pair of Louboutins will quell any fear….*jamarcusshrug*

Maybe Evelyn wants a love interest since VH1 picked up ‘Basketball Wives’ for a second season and extended it to a one hour show.

If I was Ocho I would place a call to Antoine Walker before he pulls out the “Black Card“.

Then again maybe it Evelyn Lozada naked pics that did the “Trick” if you know what I am saying.

Check out Chad’s Twitpics below he seems to know a lot of about female shoes and purses:

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9 thoughts on “Rumor: Chad Ochocinco Dating a ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada?

  • not a good thing for chad to be seen with ANYONE since his new reality show starts on the 11th not a good thing chad.. gotta make them viewers wanna watch and they wont if they know that the ending is with NO ONE…

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