Carmelo Anthony Deletes Twitter Page after Putting Out $5000 Hit on Kat Stacks

I get tired of saying it.

It isn’t good that 43% of the articles I write, I have to say:


The sad thing is these guys aren’t kids, they are grown men, they should know better.

I thought Carmelo was different, I never took him to be as moist and sensitive as some as his peers.  But then he called Bomani Jones a hater, tried to strong arm a trade and now just proves he is plain dumb for even engaging in anything that has to do with Kat Stacks.

People have been saying for years that ballers want to be rappers and vice versa, but I have been saying for years ballers can’t do what rappers do.

T.I. can go to jail for trying to buy enough weapons to go find Bin Laden and come out of jail a legend.

Plaxico Burress can go to jail for shooting himself and his career is basically over.  Michael Vick will never recover from his dog fighting adventures.

The Game, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy can playing around with Kat Stacks on twitter,  it becomes a trending topic and it means absoutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.  In a lot of instances it actually helps with their notoriety.  Rappers and hoes go together like Atlanta and Skinny Jeans.  That is normal.

But as an NBA player, like it or not you are held to higher standard.

You can’t be putting out fake hits on women and showing the money.

You can’t possibly be that stupid, drunk or high to think no one would notice that?  Yes it was a smart move by Melo to delete his twitter and he will probably lie and say that it was hacked, but we know the truth.

Instead of running and trying to hide from your mistake just man up and say that was extremely dumb on your part.  Would you like me to call Antoine Dodson for you?

Even Lebron thinks you have went to far.

Nas is offended I am using his name in this, because even he isn’t this stupid.

And this is the guy who wants to be known as “Franchise Player”?

NBA general managers might want to rethink that.


Melo twitter is back up and he is claiming to have been hacked.  In unrelated news Antonio Cromartie is claiming to know all his kids.

*more twitter beef below*

18 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Deletes Twitter Page after Putting Out $5000 Hit on Kat Stacks

  • Why don't some of them just THINK? Smh

    • Money makes them think they are untouchable

  • kat stacks is a damn hoe man…cmon fellas there are a ton more groupies hotter than this dirty girl here…we can do better and better yet we gotta be smarter..simple..have fun but be smart1

    • They need to step up their groupie game

    • Kat Stacks loves the attention

  • With all the moistness that has been exhibited by quite a few NBA players this offseason, who has come out smelling like roses? Kobe Bean Bryant. Number 24 with his handful of NBA championship jewelry. Kevin Durant. He of the current edition of Team USA basketball. He of the best young roster of talent in the NBA. He of the 5 year contract extension without an early termination option at this choosing. Carmelo is married to a beautiful lady. He is a father. He is a success on the floor. How is he allowing himself to get caught up with filthy groupies and engaging in meaningless Twitter beef? I thought Melo was trying to become more mature after issues like the Stop Snitching controversy. Maybe I was mistaken.

    • Can\’t disagree with that

  • Ability is temporary but it seems stupid is forever.

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