Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett: “Keep Hating.. I Don’t Give Hell What Anybody’s Got To Say”

I took the liberty of pulling up Martellus Bennett stats during his two year career:

35 Receptions

442 Yards

4 Touchdowns

Roy Williams looked at those stats and was like:

“He is overrated”

Here is Marty B’s claim to fame:

  • 1- Fumbling on HBO Hard Knocks to the point the coach had to continue to remind him to keep the ball “High and Tight”
  • 2- Making several offensives raps and youtube videos.
  • 3- Ranting on Twitter.
  • 4- Having his package being shown on Mediatakeout.

2010 is the year of “Moistness” and if you want to hear want a “moist” rant from an athlete, it would sound like this:

“All I want to just say, man, y’all just keep saying what you want to say about me,” said Bennett, whose performance was the highlight of an otherwise poor practice for the offense Sunday afternoon. “Keep hating, whatever y’all want to do. Despite all things, that’s all I do is play football. I don’t really give hell what anybody’s got to say. All I want to do is play right now.”

What exactly is Marty B talking about?

“It’s always the same [beep], but I don’t really give a [beep] right now,” he said. “I just want to play ball. I ain’t really tripping.

“I am mad. I’m very [beep] pissed off right now, but y’all will see what happens.”

Who exactly is he mad at?

“Everybody,” he said. “The whole world.”

After reading Marty B’s comment here was my reaction:

In our new “moist” society marginally productive 2nd string tight ends have haters and are mad at the world.

I am sure Marty B will be reading this since I will be branded as a “hater”. So I want him to come real close to the computer screen so I can make he sees this:


No one is hating on you, people just want you to live up to your potential. You were suppose to be the heir apparent to Jason Witten, right now you are just a cartoon character.

You should be more concerned about keeping your spot in the NFL and less about the “Haters”. What you have Marty B are critics, and trust me they have a lot of things to be critical of, on and off the field.

Instead of going on a Tupac rant (Chino XL…..) just know your role, get healthy and play ball.

So before you get real haters, you need to average more than 17.5 catches a year, even Roy Williams’ haters know that.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett: “Keep Hating.. I Don’t Give Hell What Anybody’s Got To Say”

  • Great story Rob. I am a Cowboys fan and Martellus is annoying and dissapointing all in 1. I’m am tired of his coonery and inability to focus on Football. Good Riddance with the Bum From Texas A&M.

    • He just need to play ball and be quiet

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