Karl “The Mailman” Malone’s Special Delivery…

Karl Malone is going into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of fame. Well deserved…. Don’t forget he was also part of possibly greatest tandem in sports history, you know the phrase, Stockon to Malone, Stockton to Malone, Stockton to Malone…You can’t question how great of a player he was but people will for various reasons as great article by SBnation points out. What I want to focus on though is his latest delivery.

Questioning what in the world “The Mailman” delivered besides double-doubles and vicious elbows in the paint? Well according to ESPN his latest delivery was his HOF Jacket to a boy in a wheelchair. Why you may ask? Here are details.

“I told him when he graduates from high school he will have a jacket to wear,” Malone said.

The coat didn’t exactly fit to begin with. The sleeves were well short on his arms and so tight that Malone joked maybe it was supposed to be fellow inductee Scottie Pippen’s.

“My 12-year-old daughter couldn’t get into it,” Malone said, laughing.

The former Utah Jazz star wondered what he would do with the jacket anyway.

“Put it in some closet and years from now blow the dust off of it, light up a cigar, and look at it?” he said. “This little boy will do something with it. I loved that I did it.”

He missed something he could do with Hall of Fame Jacket(Michael Irvin, haha). In any case, Good man Karl, turned a bad situation into good one. Its definitely a win-win situation. He gets good press and made kid happy. To think, all the times he was a recipient of gifts from Stockton he was finally on the other end of gift giving(Bruises and knots on heads dont count as gifts #karlmaloneselbows). The question remains, how does the Basketball HOF not have an accurate fit for his jacket? Don’t they measure this before hand? The HOF Jacket Tailor has lots of explaining to do….

Here is jacket in question via Desertnews.com

Important question now, what are the chances Karl Malone unretires for a chance to go head to head against the new South Beach NWO? Better question,  what are chances he joins them for the elusive ring? Just a thought guys, just a thought….

Congrats Mailman on Hall of Fame Induction!!!

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