Kat Stacks Says She Filed Police Report Against Carmelo Anthony

First let me say that I don’t believe her, but this gives me an opportunity to give a lesson on “Attention Whoring”.

A lot of times we call people like Kat Stacks, The Kardashians, The Situation and etc attention whores.

The interesting thing about attention whoring, is you have to have people giving you attention to get it.

It is a snowball effect.

The more people say someone is getting “too much” attention the bigger that person becomes.

The bigger the person becomes the more attention they receive.

So in reality you create the person you love to hate (that rhymed).

It is the one thing all athletes should understand before they start twitter battles with women like Kat Stacks.

I am sure Carmelo understand that now after his “altercation” (Melo puts $5000 hit out on Kat Stacks).

You maybe saying:

“Rob aren’t you feeding into it as well by writing these posts?”

You are absolutely correct, but the difference is I admit it and I am going to use the people who hate her, to benefit me.

It is all a hustle, you just have to decide if you are going to be the one getting hustled or are you the hustler?

Are you going to be Soulja Boy or Worldstarhiphop?

Kat Stacks or Brett Favre not really much of a difference if you think about it?

Sleep with Carmelo hope the FBI doesn’t come knocking on your door.

6 thoughts on “Kat Stacks Says She Filed Police Report Against Carmelo Anthony

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