Robert Littal’s 50 Bonafide NFL Predictions..Plus Super Bowl Pick

They call me Robstadomous I have an uncanny knack of predicting things.

There is no such thing as an “Expert” prognosticator, because in the end it is just a guess.

But using a combination of logic, stats, common sense and being in constant contact with The Football Gods (they are on the BBM) I try to give it my best shot.

Remember only two people in the world predicted a Saints vs. Colts Super Bowl and I was one of them, can I do it again?

Robert Littal’s 50 Bonafide NFL Predictions:

  1. Brett Favre won’t start 16 games.
  2. Adrian Peterson will lead the league in rushing.
  3. Chester Taylor will run for more yards than Matt Forte.
  4. Jay Cutler will lead the league in Sacks
  5. and………….Interceptions.
  6. The Lions will win 8 games.
  7. Jermichael Finely will catch 90 passes.
  8. We will also find out Jermichael is the long lost son of Jermaine Jackson.
  9. Derrick Mason will lead the Ravens in catches not Anquan Boldin.
  10. Ray Rice will have more total yards than Adrian Peterson.
  11. Joe Buck will attempt to be funny and fail.
  12. Gus Johnson will turn one awful game on paper into an instant classic.
  13. Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco will get into one public spat.
  14. ESPN will treat the TOcho spat like a National Holiday.
  15. Ed Werder will be renting an apartment in Cincy.
  16. Jake Delhomme and his goat will throw more TDs than INTs.
  17. James Harrison runs for more than 1200 yards.
  18. None of that will matter Mangini will still get fired.
  19. More than 5 players will get in trouble because of Twitter.
  20. Another NFL player sex tape will come out.
  21. Ben Roethlisberger will come back from suspension and lead Steelers to playoffs.
  22. Mike Tomlin will get FMLA to film his scenes for “House”.
  23. The Texans finally make the playoffs.
  24. Arian Foster rushes for 1400 yards.
  25. Peyton Manning will throw for 4000 yards and 25+ TDs, but still find a way to choke in playoffs.
  26. Pierre Garcon will become what Reggie Wayne was to Marvin Harrison.
  27. Marvin Harrison shots someone (just playing……kinda).
  28. Maurice Jones Drew will break fantasy football hearts.
  29. Chris Johnson won’t rush for 2000 yards again, but will approach 2500 yards from scrimmage.
  30. Vince Young won’t go to any strip clubs during the year.
  31. CJ Spiller will be a beast first eight games of year, but fizzle down the stretch, trade him in fantasy leagues at his peak.
  32. Chad Henne will be better than Mark Sanchez.
  33. Darrelle Revis is signed but Jets still won’t make playoffs.
  34. Rex Ryan will eat a lot of snacks.
  35. Tom Brady gets a new deal during the year making him highest paid QB in league.
  36. Tony Romo continues to wear his hat to the back meaning no Super Bowl for Big D.
  37. Miles Austin will break up with Kim Kardashian, no worries she will start dating Greg Jennings.
  38. Albert Haynesworth gets the T.O. treatment in Washington and is suspended by Week 7.
  39. The Giants will surprise everyone and win the NFL East.
  40. Ahmad Bradshaw will make Brandon Jacobs irrelevant.
  41. Tim Tebow never starts a game in 2010 but will find a way to have 10 TDs by the end of the year.
  42. Jason Campbell and his mustache lead the Raiders to 9 wins.
  43. The Chiefs finally realize there was a reason Matt Cassell was a back up for 13716 years.
  44. Ryan Matthews wins offensive rookie of the year.
  45. The NFL Chick will continue to lust over Philip Rivers.
  46. Derek Anderson has a rebirth in Arizona until he remembers he is Derek Anderson.
  47. Mike Singletary will huff and puff about punching people in the mouth before continuously sending out the field goal kicker on 4th and 2.
  48. Sam Bradford will take his lumps, but will start at least 12 games for Rams.
  49. The Seahawks will go 4-12 since the Football Gods didn’t appreciate Pete Carroll Escape from Alcatrez errrr USC routine.
  50. Robert Littal once again picks the correct two Super Bowl teams as the Football Gods have their final revenge of God Favre.

Green Bay Packers 24

Baltimore Ravens 21


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  • What's up with so many ppl on the Raven bandwagon. They gonna break an axle with all you guys on there. Ppl still forget Joe Flacco is still the QB.

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