Pics: Titans Assitant Coach Chuck Cecil Flips The Bird to Officials

Chuck Cecil was known for being a bit of a crazy player back in his day.

To be kind he was very “INTENSE”.

His style of play is one of the reasons why the NFL instituted the rule on hits on “defenseless receivers”.  Cecil has a headhunter of legendary proportions from his safety position.

That intensity has carried over to the his job as defensive coordinator for the Titans.

Check him out flipping the bird to the officials during the Titans vs. Broncos game.

Apparently he wasn’t pleased with a call.

He is going to be even more upset when he gets that call from Roger Goodell.

Hat tip to @gunaxin for finding the pic.

15 thoughts on “Pics: Titans Assitant Coach Chuck Cecil Flips The Bird to Officials

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