Andre Johnson Won’t Be Suspended For Kicking Cortland Finnegan’s Ass

I applaud Roger Goodell for doing the right thing.

Goodell seems like a man who understands that you can’t allow people to take your cornbread—he knows Andre Johnson is not a bad guy and Cortland Finnegan is just a bully who needed to be handle.

Mark Berman of FOX 26 Sports is reporting that Johnson will be fined but not suspended.

That means Johnson will play Thursday night against the Eagles in a very big game for the Texans, who are 5-6 and one game behind the Jaguars and Colts in the AFC South. The lack of a suspension is bad news for the Eagles, whose pass defense struggled as they fell to 7-4 in a loss to the Bears Sunday.

Finnegan should be suspended just for that bad haircut, but I think the embarrassment of knowing he will live in infamy as being on the receiving end of one of the biggest sports beat downs of all time will be punishment enough.

Texans owner Bob McNair should pay whatever the fine ends up being, it is the proper thing to do.

4 thoughts on “Andre Johnson Won’t Be Suspended For Kicking Cortland Finnegan’s Ass

  • Well honestly, how could they suspend Finnegan and not Johnson? It's either both or none. Doing it any other way wouldn't make sense. Me personally this is the worst thing he could do. Cause now, he set the precedent that fighting is okay. You think Andre Johnson is the 1st guy to want to go off on someone. Now, if someone gets suspended they can point back to this and actually have a point.

  • I agree with you, Damon. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed that non football display, someone should be missing a game. If there's any truth to not wanting to suspend AJ b/c they're playing on Thurs night on the NFL owned NFL Network, then I find that to be myopic on Goodell's part. This may hurt him in a future situation. How can you fine James Harrison $75k(?) for at least trying to make a football related play, yet fine someone else $25k for punching someone in the face. If I'm Harrison, I'm pissed.

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