Bills WR Steve Johnson Goes To Twitter For God Tweet Cover Up

I had a journalism professor who use to give me a lot of advice about what makes a good story.

Once I asked him why journalists don’t like when people tell the truth and he simply said:

“The cover up is a much sexier story.”

I present to you Steve “God” Johnson— you remember him from yesterday, dropped a game winning TD pass then blamed God via Twitter (video of Steve Johnson dropping game winning TD Pass).

In classic cover up fashion, he now says via Twitter again, that it was all a misunderstanding.  You can read the tweets here.

We all do things out of emotion, and I am sure when he made that tweet, he didn’t expect Whoopi Goldberg to be calling him out on The View. But don’t be moist, man up and admit.

All this stuff about I know who my friends are, I learned so much and my wife rocked me while I cried myself to sleep, nobody cares about your whining and excuse making.

Be a man, take ownership, stop acting like a 12 year girl who just found out Justin Bieber’s concert was canceled.

As Pimp C said you are embarrassing us and when I say us I mean the “male species”.

Smarten Up Nas

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  • I like how you disected this article. Very, very well worded.

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