Cleveland’s Reply to Lebron James’ “Rise” Nike Commercial..Ether or Pathetic?


I will say this, it is nicely produced whoever did the remix of the video.

I have come to the conclusion that Cleveland is never going to get over this. Some things you just don’t over. I think 100 years from now when they will still be making “diss records” against Lebron.

It is like when the Red Sox gave Babe Ruth to the Yankees or when they kicked Bobby Brown out of New Edition.

In most situations this would be considered “Professional Ether”, but in Cleveland’s case I have to say it is borderline pathetic.

I am not going to waste my breath saying they should get over it because that obviously isn’t going to happened, but they need a way to come to terms with it.

The more they continue to talk about and let it effect them the worse it makes them look. They are scorn lovers and at this point I expect to see them on “Deadly Women” or “Wicked Attraction” soon.



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