Dick Vitale to Lebron James via Twitter: “BE THE KING BABY!!”

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a Twitter besides Charles Barkley?

If there is one person who should have a twitter is Chuck, but I digress.

Dickie V decided to give Lebron James some unsolicited advice on Twitter , and it was the worst advice he could have gave him:

@KingJames u must not try to satisfy teammates- play in attack mode like as a Cav.U r to talented but r very passive- Be the KING!

If you read my article last night on Lebron and the Heat (good reading there so check it out), you know that if Lebron plays in attack mode as Vitale suggests, the Heat will never win unless they decide to trade D Wade.

This situation is like Joe Montana vs. Steve Young back in the early 90s for the 49ers.

Montana was established and had rings when Young walked into the building.  Montana was the leader, but was a bit injury prone and Young was more physically gifted.  Young was never going to reach the heights he wanted while Montana was around.

Montana eventually left and Young went on to great things.

The difference with this is that in football, both players can’t be on the field at the same time and Lebron made the “decision” to go to a place with an established alpha dog.

If you make that type of decision, you have to be the one to change some things up.

He went running to D Wade for help, so he can’t be the “KING”, cause he moved into someone’s else Kingdom.

If he wanted to be in attack mode like he was in Cleveland, he should have stayed in Cleveland,and that is the part that Vitale is not understanding.

Stick to doing what you do best Dickie V—- bathwaterslurping Duke. Leave the NBA analysis to me.

H/T to @MrFloz

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