Kye Allums Becomes First Openly Transgender Player College Basketball

This story is a tad bit confusing so try to follow along.

Kye by birth is a girl.

But Kye wants to be a guy and wants people to refer to her as a him.

Are you following so far?

Because of NCAA regulations, Allums can’t stay on the women basketball team if she/he has a surgery to become ummm all-man, but that hasn’t stopped her/him from identifying herself as a man.

I will let the New York Daily News pick up the rest of the story.

Allums, 20, a self-described tomboy from a small town in Minnesota, told the website he started feeling like an outsider during middle school when he noticed he didn’t act like many of the other girls.

He spent a year trying to be more feminine, and when that failed to feel right, he identified as a lesbian.

But even that wasn’t a natural fit for Allums, who says he realized his true identity during his freshman year of college.

By sophomore year, he was asking people to call him by male pronouns.

Due to NCAA regulations, Allums can’t undergo surgery or take hormones if he wants to continue on the women’s basketball team. But he identifies as a male, even if he has the same physical attributes of a female.

The NCAA is looking at how to handle the locker room and other issue that may be sensitive for Allums due to his gender identity.

“The only thing I can’t do is take testosterone,” Allums said. “And I don’t need that anyway. I probably naturally have more than some of the guys on the guys’ team. If I get surgery, it doesn’t affect my play, it doesn’t enhance anything, I’m just taking something off my body, like if I lost a finger.”

Not exactly like losing a finger, but I digress.

I am still a bit confused by the entire thing.  I don’t think it gives George Washington a competitive advantage.  A bit strange, but what can you do?
This ordeal is pretty much the same as Shaq dressing up as a woman for Halloween, not really, but that is all I got.

5 thoughts on “Kye Allums Becomes First Openly Transgender Player College Basketball

  • so does that mean that he'll play on a guys team in the next year or so? another question when he becomes a "HE" if he gets beat up by some dudes will it be a fair game?

  • Once a she always a she no matter what surgery is performed.

  • They should let ‘him’ have the surgery if ‘he’ wants it but make ‘him’ try out for the mens’ team instead. Especially since ‘he’ wants to be treated like a male. & if ‘he’ feels ‘he’ should be a male by making everyone call ‘him’ by male pronouns. But if ‘he’ wants to remain on the women’s team then don’t let him have the surgery, since its pretty much the same concept of a man playing on a women’s team. Now ‘he’ may be saying that’s its not going to enhance ‘his’ play but that’s not the point. The point is you can’t have a male on the female team regardless of skill. Once you have the surgery then you should have to join the male team. Not because you have an advantage but because you are now considered a male.

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