Redskins to Meet and Work Out JaMarcus Russell



Mike Shanahan must really dislike Donovan McNabb.  First Rex Grossman is Mr. 2 minute Drill, then McNabb is “not in shape” and now they are bringing in JaMarcus Russell?

You know what my reaction is to all this?

It is humorous if anything else. Here are the details:

NFL sources told FOX 26 Sports former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell will work out Tuesday for the Washington Redskins.

Russell, the number one overall draft pick in 2007, was released by the Raiders in May. In three years as a starting quarterback in Oakland, Russell had 7-18 record.

For three months, Russell has been working with former NBA head coach John Lucas in Houston in an effort to get a second chance in the NFL.

Unless McNabb runs the table and take the Redskins deep in the playoffs he is done.

There is no way a team that considers Rex Grossman and JaMarcus Russell as alternatives at quarterback will hand a long term contract extension to a quarterback who is already past his prime.

If I was McNabb, I would be planning my free agents visits already for next year.  Arizona and Minnesota here he comes.

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