Video: Mark Sanchez Game Winning TD To Santonio Holmes

On the BSO Twitter, I pointed out that the 2010 Jets are similar to the 2010 LSU Tigers.

With LSU every single game comes down to the last second no matter the opponent.  They have a bit of an eccentric head coach and they always seem to find a way to escape with the victory.

The Jets are not a dominant team, but they have the look of a Super Bowl team.

I don’t care how you win as long as you win.  In the NFL there are no juggernaut teams, so the teams I am looking for are the ones who simply find a way to win, by any means necessary.

The Jets are Malcolm X right now.

As far as the Texans, I have never seen such a porous pass defense.

If you can’t stop a team from scoring a touchdown with less than 50 seconds to go and no timeouts, there is zero hope for you and the Jets didn’t get lucky with a Hail Mary, they simply marched right down the field.

If I was the quarterback of a team with Pilar Sanders flanked out wide we could score on the Texans (subliminal message).

The Texans are the poster child for underachievers and at some point you have to wonder when the seat Gary Kubiak is sitting on starts to get warm.

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