49ers Want to talk to Bill Parcells


According to reports the 49ers are seeking Parcells opinion on who should be their next GM and the direction of their franchise.

What happens though if Parcells thinks he is best for the franchise?

San Francisco 49ers president Jed York intends to contact Miami Dolphins consultant Bill Parcells this week for his opinion on San Francisco vice president of player personnel Trent Baalke, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

York also intends to ask Parcells for his thoughts on the 49ers’ future as they seek to hire a general manager and coach, and the direction the team should take, the source said.

It appears to me Jed York doesn’t really know what he is doing, so I can’t fault him for seeking out advice. The 49ers in my opinion need a total overhaul, not with players but with management.

Because at this point they don’t seem to have a plan on how they want to run their organization.

From the information I have they don’t want a coach to have full control, so that would eliminate Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden as candidates.

Don’t be surprised if Bill Parcells tries to wiggle his way into the 49ers situation and probably get another couple of million for his “consulting work”.


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