Falcons WR Roddy White Goes Off on The New Orleans Saints Via Twitter

The Falcons feel they are being disrespected.

They have the best record in the league, but no one really talks about them. The media talks about the Eagles, Patriots, Steelers, Saints and etc, but not much about the Dirty Birds.

Roddy White who is considered by most one of the top receivers in the league is sick and tired of being sick and tired. He took his frustrations to twitter (see tweets above).

He doesn’t think the Saints should be getting more love than them just because they won the Super Bowl last year and in essence guaranteed a victory.

He also thinks the Saints because they have a ring are feeling themselves a little too much and not giving the Falcons credit for beating them once this year.

It appears he is saying that God delivered them a Super Bowl championship, I think it was more of the onside kick and Peyton Manning throwing a pick 6, but I digress.

I like White’s bravado, but he is coming off a bit like a whiner.

If you are going to talk tough and puff out your chest on twitter that’s fine as long as you back it up on the field. White and the Falcons want respect all they have to do is keep winning.


If White claims his account was hacked, delete the tweets or apologizes I will lose all respect for him.

3 thoughts on “Falcons WR Roddy White Goes Off on The New Orleans Saints Via Twitter

  • You're right. Talking tough won't cut it. I'm starting to like Roddy White's bravado, though. He also talked noise to a team earlier in the season (I believe it was Cincy) and then completely went off then. I hope he goes nuts on the Saints in this game. Mostly because I'm holding onto TB's slim playoff hopes, but that's not the point.

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