Have We Seen The Last of Brett Favre???

With the news that Brett Favre’s streak of 297 consecutive starts will be broken thanks to an injured shoulder the question begs.

Is this the end of Brett Favre?

If so I have to admit I would be a little sad.

Yes I know that we all have wanted to Brett Favre to “go away” and we were tired of the back and forth dance of would he retire or not, but the fact is the NFL is more interested with Brett Favre in it.

It is sort of like listening to a Gucci Mane CD.

You know you shouldn’t be listening, you know you are losing brain cells, but for some reason you keep bobbing your head and even find yourself turning up the volume a bit.

I won’t miss the media bathwaterslurping over him, but I will miss the stories that he brought to the table.

On the field without question he was the highest risk/reward quarterback in the history of the NFL.  When he was good, he was really good, when he was bad he was really bad.

He was the beautiful model.

At times stunning, at times maddening, but you always came back, because you knew something special would happen every time you were with them.

The old gunslinger is about to go back to his Mississippi farm with his unlimited texts and Fade into Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

Unless he gets shoulder surgery in the offseason and wants to come back………….but I digress.

I salute you Favre.

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