Michael Vick Has Thigh Injury..Likely to Sit in Season Finale

The Eagles would have been better offer playing in a blizzard than Tuesday night because they were awful against the Vikings.  That performance guranteed they would have no chance to have a first round bye in the playoffs.

Andy Reid who now has the title of the “Worst Game Manager in the History of ALL FOOTBALL” allowed for the second week in a row Michael Vick to take a beating like he was in the ring with the Manny Pacquiao.

Vick was injured during the game, but hung in there but was visibly limping during and after the game.

Because of the Eagles atrocious offensive line the only shot they have of winning in the playoffs is Vick’s ability to get out of trouble, but the hits are starting to take their toll.

Remember this is Vick’s first full season of being a starting quarterback in almost four years.

It would be prudent that they give him a week off in a meaningless game against the Cowboys.  I would deactivate him and allow him to rest up because the first round playoff game is going to be against a quality team who has seen the blueprint on how to slow him down.

Andy Reid seems to forget at times that he has a very good running back in LeSean McCoy and that his offensive lineman need help in protection.

If he continues to coach like that, the redemption story of Vick will have a quick exit come playoff time.

2 thoughts on “Michael Vick Has Thigh Injury..Likely to Sit in Season Finale

  • You hit the nail right on the head. Philly fans have been saying the same thing for years about "Stubborn" Andy. He wants to do things HIS way, even when it's apparent it isn't working.

    It's a shame, too.

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