Michael Vick on the NFL MVP: “I’d Vote for Myself”

I appreciate honesty.

In sports, it is hard to come by— because everyone wants to be politically correct and not worry about the media jumping down their throat.  When there are millions of dollars at stake from teams and potential marketing deals, it is understandable why sometimes athletes bite their tongues.

It was refreshing to see Michael Vick give his honest answer on who he thought should be the NFL MVP.

A reporter asked Vick to cast a hypothetical vote after practice on Friday for league MVP.

“You put me on the spot,” Vick said, per the Associated Press.  “I would take . . . myself.”

Some will say it was a lack of humility that caused a lot of Vick’s past problems and that may be true, but if you ask a man a question and he gives you an honest answer, you can’t get on him too much for that.

The numbers, team record and overall body of work in my mind still has Tom Brady as the MVP with Vick closing in fast, but it is Brady’s to lose.

We will see if Vick can make an Obama style run to the top.

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