Plaxico Burress Back to the Giants After He is Released From Prison?

FREE PLAX!!!!!!!!

I want Plaxico to get another shot in the league and I think staying with the Giants would be a nice gesture— but they have so many young receivers who are they going to take playing time from?

Nicks, Manningham or Smith?

Wide receiver is not the issue with the Giants, but the reports from Pro Football Talk show that they are seriously considering bringing Burress back.

There is growing support within the Giants organization to bring him back and give him a second chance,” citing General Manager Jerry Reese and co-owners Steve Tisch and John Mara as all being in favor of bringing Burress back, or at least in favor of considering it.

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck feels strongly that Burress should be brought back.

“I know that he’s paid his debt to society, and I think he’s overpaid his debt to society,” Tuck said. “Yeah, I would love to see him back. We’ve all seen how the Mike Vick situation has played out. And we all know that Plaxico is one of the most talented wide receivers to ever play this game.”

I agree with Tuck that he has “overpaid” his debt to society.  I think a fresh start on a team that needs him might be best.  With that being said, there may not be much of a market for Burress, so if that means being the 4th receiver on the Giants, he will have to be humble and accept that.

I know Eli Manning would welcome him back and it appears as a whole the Giants organization is willing to give him a second shot.

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