Video: Kevin Garnett Hits Channing Frye in his Private Parts

No one should be surprised by this.

Kevin Garnett is the Hines Ward of the NBA. Takes a lot of cheap shots, but since he has “media protection” it is just brushed off as him being an intense competitor.

When in reality he is just dirty.

He is also a studio gangster, because he didn’t look like he wanted any part of Channing Frye and waited until a real tough guy Kendrick Perkins came over before he started to talk tough again.

KG was salty that Celtics lost to the Suns and that was his way of letting out his frustrations.

It was a dirty play and it violated a serious “man law”. If you going to take a dirty shot fine, but regardless of your level of disgust you never take a shot at the “package”.

Garnett should be suspended just on principle of fighting like a woman.

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