Tiger Woods Spits on Green, Announcers Call Him “Arrogant & Petulant”

I grew up watching the three major sports NFL, NBA and MLB.

But I was cultured, I liked Tennis, Golf and other international sports.

To my understanding the “green” in golf is suppose to be treated like a church alter, not the Cubs dugout.  Tiger was a bit upset about his losing streak continuing spit a little bit on the green in Dubai and the announcers got their panties in a bunch.

The Big Lead has the details:

Tiger Woods, presumably disgusted with his play in Dubai, spat on the green following a poor putt. The announcers pummeled him: “Some parts of him are so arrogant and petulant … somebody maybe has to come on this green behind him and maybe putt over his spit … it doesn’t get much lower than that.”

Putt over his spit?

You don’t hear that phrase often.

Until Tiger wins, little things like this will continue to pop up and be overblown.  Who knew the announcers watched the Young and the Restless because they sound just like Victor Newman.

5 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Spits on Green, Announcers Call Him “Arrogant & Petulant”

  • the best way to train athletes is by creating drills that are fun and interesting, it will surely help them improve more.

  • I'm sure the annoucer wanted to call him the N-word but there would be too much backlash…..

  • We're witnessing the complete "niggarization" of Tiger Woods…and I'm loving every minute of it…..If I were one of his buddies, I'd complete recommend that he watches "Undercover Brother"; I think that'll be a first step to reclaiming being black.

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