Video: Something to Cheer Up Knicks Fan..Tehmeena Afzal aka Miss Meena


I feel Knicks Fan pain.

You have lost six in a row, nine out of the last ten. There is even some talk that you might fall all of the way out of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Spike Lee is tweeting weird stuff like this.

We keep losing and Knicks will have me on Da Hard Stuff-WHISKEY and I’ve never even tasted it yet. Get off the ledge. Put Razors down.

Being that I am a man of the people, I am here to help. To take Knicks fan mind off how Carmelo can have 36 points with just on assist, wondering should they have just waiting for Melo to be a free agent before gutting their team for him and praying that they can somehow get Chris Paul, since it is painfully obvious that Amar’e and Melo aren’t enough.

I figured for at least five minutes, Tehmeena Afzal aka Miss Meena could take away some of the pain for Knicks fan. It took some of my pain and I am not even upset about anything.

It is also her birthday, so give a birthday shout on her twitter @MISSMEENA and check out her website


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