Michael Vick Would Like To Speak to Plaxico Burress

FREE PLAX!!!!!!!!!!!

It is still ridiculous to me that Plaxico Burress has been in jail for as long as he has for shooting himself, when I have seen women on “SNAPPED” get six months for murdering their husbands in cold blood.

But what done is done and as the time comes for Plaxico to be finally set free a player who has experience in the prison would like to chat with him.  Pro Football Talk has the details.

Vick told Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News that he plans to pay Burress a visit when Burress is back home, and that he hopes to offer him some words of wisdom about how to get his career back on track.

I hope I can pay him a visit,” Vick said. “I just want to reach out to him, talk to him. We have a good relationship . . . just congratulate him on getting through such a tough time, even though it’s not the ideal situation, let him know there’s plenty of optimism out there for him.”

Vick was a lot younger when he got out of prison and one thing he didn’t lose while playing The Longest Yard was his arm.  I think Plaxico will get another shot in the league, but I wouldn’t expect a Vick like performance.

Hopefully though like Vick, Plax will take his experience to warn people, especially young men that every action his a consequence.  You only get one life, don’t blow it.

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  • And while paying him a visit maybe he can talk him into playing for the Eagles…get some revenge on his old team…giants

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