NBA Fines Jay Z 50k For Throwing the R.O.C. Sign With Kentucky Wildcats


No one hasĀ  given me a good explanation on why Jay Z has to pay a fine just for congratulating some kids, but Michael Jordan who is the majority owner of a team, who in essence told the North Carolina if they reach the Final Four he will bring them strippers, cash and shoes (he didn’t exactly say that, but you get what I am saying). is reporting Jigga will have to cough up 50k for his actions. I am sure he can spare it since between him and his wife Beyonce their net worth is around billion dollars.

The New Jersey Nets have been fined $50,000 for Nets minority owner Jay-Z’s presence in the Kentucky locker room after the Wildcats clinched a Final Four berth, according to sources with knowledge of the penalty.

When will the NBA fine themselves for their awful officials or when will David Stern admit that he is a mob boss?

I believe these are more pressing issues than Hova.


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