Pics: Kacie McDonnell..NFL Draft Prospect Christian Ponder’s Girlfriend


Someone please page Albert Haynesworth because I know he would like this young lady (shhhh she isn’t black).

Every year at the NFL Draft you see the potential draftees girlfriends/fiancee/baby mommas. One of two things happen once they are drafted.

Either the player marries his college lady or he drops her faster than a Roy Williams touchdown catch. If I am Christian Ponder (he might slide into the 1st round) I think I would be keeping Miss McDonnell around.

I haven’t seen the other girlfriends, but right now she is the undisputed #1 pick to be on Football Wives some day after they get a divorce and she takes half his money or they live happily every after.

Thanks to the guys at Frat House Sports for tracking her down.


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