UFC & Playboy Model Arianny Celeste Wants To Be a Singer (Pics)


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Yes the song is awful, but does it really matter if you look like this?

You can peep the Playboy pics above and a snippet of the song “Fight To Love Me” below courtesy of The Big Lead.


7 thoughts on “UFC & Playboy Model Arianny Celeste Wants To Be a Singer (Pics)

  • Robert do you a daughter? I hope not, because I would hate for her to grow up and meet a man like you. This chick is cute/pretty whatever the word is but as far as talent ‘NIGGA PLEASE” . This what is wrong with our young lady now. You can be the smartest one but if you don’t have the face nor body to go along with it. This will always be the way people look at you. African American girls/teenagers/women have enough problems now if you don’t fit the world’s definition of beauty u just as well go kill yourself. Not only the world is judging you now you have your “fathers, baby daddies putting out the same message. SHAME ON U HOMEY!! Stick with this little blog and (I mean little) and you will never be on a ESPN,TNT, ABC, CBS etc.

    • I have already been on every network you mentioned.

      • THE KEY WORD “BEEN”.

  • Very nice….she’s very attractive….

    • Larry it seems that you get the post much more than Mai

  • Mai needs to get a grip. It aint that serious and race got nuttin to do with it.

  • I like it. Let the haters hate. That’s just what they do.

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