BSO Pretty Ladies: Callie Rivers, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers’ Daughter

Most people concentrate on Doc’s son Austin Rivers who is starring at Duke, but for my Young Brothers I thought they may like a little background on Doc’s daughter Callie Rivers.

She is 6’1″ (if you like them tall, she actually says she is 5’11”) and is currently starring on the University of Florida Volleyball team.

Female Volleyball players are highly underrated.

She was linked to Patriots Linebacker Brandon Spikes (he went to Florida as well), but then he came out with a sex tape that didn’t include Callie, so that relationship is up in the air. She was dating North Carolina’s Dexter Strickland for a while.

Now she is dating Pacers Paul George who we have found out tried to pay a stripper $1 million to abort his child.

You can follow her on twitter at @callierivers25

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