Video: Chad OchoCinco Last 1.5 Seconds on Bull Ride

I thought he would last a a little longer.

The good news is he is alive, the bad news is he won’t get to name the bull.

NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco cowboyed up and attempted to ride a big-league bull Saturday night in suburban Atlanta. He was quickly bucked off in 1.5 seconds — apparently unscathed.

For his attempted ride aboard a PBR bull named Deja Blu, Ochocinco wore a black shirt, a black protective vest, jeans and a black and yellow protective helmet (with a sturdy facemask).

Immediately after coming out of the bucking chute, Ochocinco went off the left side of the bull and hit the dirt. Based on a slow-motion replay on ESPN News, the hoofs of the bull came close to him while he was on the ground, but he did not appear to get stepped on.

I give Chad credit for actually riding the bull, can’t say he isn’t someone who won’t try anything at least once. The Bull definitely seemed to be a friend of Marvin Lewis.

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