Exclusive Video: Serena Williams Sings “Survivor” at Karaoke Bar in South Beach


We all love Karaoke right?

Personally, I do a killer Bobby Brown “Every Little Step”, with the dance routine and everything.

Serena Williams was spotted at the Shelbourne Hotel Studio Karaoke Lounge over the weekend proving while she is a great tennis player, she will never be confused with a R&B Singer.

Since they don’t have Beyonce’s “Run the World” instrumental loaded into the Karaoke machine yet, Serena and her friends had to make due with “Survivor”.

Looks like a good time was had by all and we hope to see Serena back on the court soon.


  1. I love your bullsh*t reasons to show us Serena. You could make a post that Serena woke up and I’d click it.

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