Charlotte Bobcats Preparing For Free Agent Heist?

As of late, it has become apparent that Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats are rebuilding their team all over from scratch. Gone is All-Star forward Gerald Wallace. Raymond Felton left for New York (and is now in Denver). Tyson Chandler, who was traded to Dallas last year recently won a title with the Mavericks.

On draft day, the Bobcats made a bold move and sent their leading scorer in Steven Jackson to the Milwaukee Bucks. With the seventh pick of the draft which they acquired from Milwaukee, they selected the Congo forward Bismack Biyombo. He’s known to be a defensive stopper and has been compared by many to Pistons Center, Ben Wallace. The ninth pick was used to select Connecticut point guard and explosive scorer Kemba Walker. With Kemba fresh off a National Championship with UConn and Biyombo’s defensive prescence, it is safe to say that Charlotte has ushered in a new era.

Though the Bobcats might have their struggles early on, the recent cost-cutting moves made in the front office would allow Michael Jordan the flexibility to spend big in the 2012 NBA free agency. Two of the biggest names that become free agents in 2012 are Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Orlando’s failures in the playoffs have made it apparent that Howard will be gone if not traded. Additionally, Chris Paul made headlines earlier this year when he said that he would definitely consider playing for Jordan and the Bobcats in 2012. Nets point guard Deron Williams is also supposed to hit free agency, but considering that New Jersey traded for him midseason, there is a good chance that they might keep him.

Considering that this team struggles for a number 8 seed in the East year in and year out, rebuilding might be the way to go for Jordan and company. An elite star in 2012 along with a talented core of young players would go a long way towards making the Bobcats serious contenders in the East.