Pics: Athletes, Basketball Wives & Rappers Take Their Planking Talents To Twitter


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You see what happens when the only sports available to us are Baseball and Soccer?

I would say Tennis as well, but since Venus and Serena lost who cares.

So what do athletes, rappers, basketball wives and random husky people resort to?  I’ll let explain.

If you have a twitter then you know the phenom going on right now is #planking.

For those who care,  planking= Laying face down, any and everywhere! Pictures from all over the world were being retweeted and it has hit the fan. Even your favorite entertainers have joined in the craze. Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas, Basketball Wives Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada, comedian Lil Duval, Houston rapper Slim Thug, and rapper Joe Budden are a few that brought their #planking skills to twitter.

My thoughts on this?

You just wait until some Husky individual is “Planking” from a 2nd floor railing and falls through a table on the 1st floor because they are trying to be like Joe Budden you will see Nancy Grace will shut down this “Planking” phenomenon ASAP.

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  • People obviously have nothing better to do with their time. Just adds to the downfall of a generation of stupid people. What a waste….Maybe I am taking this too seriously but if people spent less time on twitter and facebook maybe there would be some more productivity in this nation. Is this the kind of message we should be sending the younger generation?

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