Duke Investigating Mike Krzyzewski on Possible Recruiting Violation

All major college programs are dirty.

Even Duke and Coach K. It is all about how you hide your dirt. Some schools just leave it in the middle of the floor for everyone to see.

Other carefully sweep it all away and clean it four times over to make sure no evidence is left. Duke would never do anything to Coach K, but then again I said Ohio State would never do anything Jim Tressel.

Duke is investigating whether an NCAA recruiting rule was violated when coach Mike Krzyzewski reportedly offered a scholarship to a recruit during a summer tournament.

Forward Alex Poythress told CBSSports.com that Krzyzewski spoke to him earlier this week while he was in Orlando, Fla., for a tournament with his AAU team, the Georgia Stars, and offered him a scholarship.

NCAA rules prevent coaches from contacting recruits before they are finished playing in tournaments.

Coach K probably did it and Poythress needs to learn to keep quiet. In the end it is much to do about nothing, but remember it only takes a little smoke to start a big fire.

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