Lil Bow Wow Bets $1000 He Can Beat Kobe Bryant 1 on 1

Bow Wow couldn’t beat Ciara 1 on 1, so I don’t know why he wants to throw away his money at Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Camp.  Bow Wow was a decent baller when he was 8 years old, but considering he never grew since then his NBA Dreams were dash.

Kobe’s camp was closed to the media, but you do get a little sneak peak of what Kobe is like when he doesn’t have his guard up and it is a different side of him that might surprise the casual fan so take a look.

I want to bet $1000 that Bow Wow’s Young Money debut CD never comes out, that will be easy money for me.

4 thoughts on “Lil Bow Wow Bets $1000 He Can Beat Kobe Bryant 1 on 1

  • Way to be classy and using foul language in front of the small kids Kobe…

    • So Transformers is cool but language is not. Violence is good but sex and language is a no no. Listen to yourself, if you hate Kobe just say so don’t get on some phoney moral high horse. As Rob would put it you sound “moist”.

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